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Guy Mushagalusa

Guy Mushagalusa Chigoho has always had a passion for collecting African fine arts. This is what led him to create Espace Mushagalusa in 2014, an art gallery and cultural center that welcomes and fosters cultural diversity. 
His innovative ideas and management of over 75 events, exhibitions, shows, literary evenings, conferences, and thematic workshops have certified him a renounced reputation in the Greater Montreal Area and Quebec. He is recognized as an expert with over 25 years of experience working within the cultural milieu. Guy has plans to expand and move Espace Mushagalusa into the first Afromuseum in Montreal. The museum will serve as a powerful educational tool and a place that preserves, restore, and uplift African descendants’ influence
on society. 

Guy Mushagalusa Chigoho’s spirit and dynamism is the distinctive trademark of Espace Mushagalusa and Afromusuem. With his wealth of knowledge and discipline, Director Guy Mushagalusa Chigoho forges ahead building and repairing a legacy for the afro-community in Montreal.

Chlag Amraoui

Photographer and Technician in Museology

Chlag Amraoui's experience as a photographer and exhibition logistical manager in Quebec and internationally has driven him to assist in launching the first Afro Museum in Montreal. He studied at the Regional School of Fine Arts in Batna and at the Higher School of Fine Arts in Alger.


His studies enhanced his passion for art and leads him to continue to build and develop spaces for artistic expression.

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Maty Diop

Partnerships Officer.

Maty Diop received a master’s degree in Marketing from the Parisian School of Business. Her expertise in marketing, business finance, developing strong relationships with clienteles, donors, stakeholders, and writing grants has been a key part of the strategic operations of the organizations. Maty’s love for Montreal and the vibrant culture is what harnesses her drive to find investments that are also interested in the promotion of African arts and culture across the country.

Françoise Biloa

Intern in Public Relations

Françoise is completing a Bachelor's degree in Political Communication and Society at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Passionate about political science since high school, she immediately wanted to make it her profession. Culture and particularly African culture is, according to her, a major political stake for the development of the continent.

Currently interning at Afromuseum now becoming the Afro Museum. She is learning there various activities related to the export and establishment of African culture abroad.

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Anna-Lou Galassini

Intern in Museology

Anna-Lou Galassini is interning at the Afromuseum as she is currently pursuing her doctoral studies in Museology at the University of Quebec at Montreal
(UQAM). She has received her master’s degree in Museology with expertise in the governance of museum institutions, the history of museology, and the theories and practices around museum collection.


While she is interning with the museum, she is passionate about developing policy that preserves the art collection and artifacts of the Afro-descendant community. As she continues to work alongside the team, she maintains the idea of the values and collective
vision around social participatory museology.


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