Guy Mushagalusa


Founder and president of the Afromuseum – and, as of now, managing director – Guy Mushagalusa Chigoho is a gallery owner and passionate collector of African art. A recognized African art expert, he has 25 years of diverse experience working in the cultural milieu. His innovative ideas and staging of events showcasing the value of Africa’s cultural inheritance have earned him an enviable reputation.

In 2014, spurred on by the conviction that art is a powerful education tool that can bring people together and create awareness of social issues, Guy Mushagalusa Chigoho created Espace Mushagalusa, an art gallery and meeting space that welcomes and fosters cultural diversity. Since then, he has put on more than 75 events that include exhibitions, shows, literary evenings, conferences and thematic workshops.

Guy Mushagalusa Chigoho will bring to the table not only his practical experience of managing a cultural space but, also, the spirit and dynamism that has become Espace Mushagalusa‘s distinctive trademark.

Chlag Amraoui

Photographer and Technician in Museology

Chlag Amraoui is a painter and photographer who has been working in Quebec and the international cultural milieu since the early 2000s. He studied at the Regional School of Fine Arts in Batna and at the Higher School of Fine Arts in Alger.Chlag is in charge of photography and exhibition logistics. He is part of the team working on the official launch of the Afromuseum in July 2021.

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Saraah Bikaï

Digital Development Officer

Graduated in Interactive Design and Web Development.
Saraah Bikaï is passionate about culture, social justice and ethical and traditional practices.
She combines her love for 3D modeling and immersive experiences to create new spaces for Afro Descescants. 

She uses her knowledge to create a universe combining technology and culture. An innovative universe where we also retrieve our ancestral traditions.

Maty Diop

Partnerships Officer.

Holds a masters degree in Marketing from a Parisian Business school.Maty moved to Montreal out of love for the city and its vibrant cultural life.After working in marketing, she has now chosen to fully invest in finding ways to promote African art and cultures across the country.

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Françoise Biloa

Intern in Public Relations

Françoise is completing a Bachelor's degree in Political Communication and Society at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Passionate about political science since high school, she immediately wanted to make it her profession. Culture and particularly African culture is, according to her, a major political stake for the development of the continent.

Currently interning at Afromuseum now becoming the Afro Museum. She is learning there various activities related to the export and establishment of African culture abroad.

Anna-Lou Galassini

Intern in Museology

Holding a master's degree in Museology and currently pursuing her doctoral studies in the same field at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM). Her areas of expertise are in governance of museum institutions, the history of museology as well as theories around museum collection practices. For her, the Afromuseum is an exchange of values collective vision around a social, participatory museology anchored within the Afro-descendant community. She is an interning for the Afromuseum, with the mission of developing the repertoire of collections and reflecting on the acquisition policy.


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