The Afromuseum is the brainchild of Guy Mushagalusa Chigoho who, since 2014, has been running l’Espace Mushagalusa, an art gallery and cultural centre dedicated to the promotion of African art collections and culture. This venue for the arts lies in the heart of downtown Montreal just a short walk away from centres of culture and learning.

Africa and its heritage have been present in Canada and Quebec for a long time. What has been missing is something that bears witness not only to its presence but, also, to its history, its vibrant, living culture and the remarkable people it has produced. The wait is now over: the Afromuseum will bring it all together and share the wealth with everyone.

To this end, the Afromuseum will be a living museum that is accessible, mobile and with a lot going on. A welcoming space, it will feature cultural and intercultural activities with research and reference opportunities. It will provide an online platform that researches, informs and shares discoveries while giving a voice to young afro descendants, as well as to all witnesses of Africanity in all its forms.


The Afromuseum’s mission is:

Recognize and raise knowledge not only of Africa, Africans and afro descendants but, also, the multiple ways in which their robust heritage continues to feed and inform numerous cultural expressions throughout the world; 

Reveal how relations with Africa have long been in place and continue, in countless ways, to increase and connect people from both here and the African continent; 

Work with organizations that share our drive to spotlight Africa, Africans and the afro descendants in our communities as well as the contributions they have all made to our society and culture.

Social Role


Reflecting Afromuseum’s core values, the Museum has made it its mission to engage socially with the collective to foster and continue to build a strong diverse community.

Through its many activites, the museum is committed to providing support that: 

  • Combats prejudice, discrimination, and racism that impacts the lives of many immigrant and racialized communities on the local, provincial, national and international level   

  • Promote cultural diversity, religious freedoms, and equality that are in accordance with our founding values and the Charter Rights and Freedoms. 

  • Encourage a safe space that is welcoming to all.

  • Uplift and promote experts, craftsmen, artists, collectors, collaborators from the African community and restore and maintain records of memories that help educate members of the African Diaspora and the general public.