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Regards Croisés Ivory Coast-Québec March 2024

Updated: May 10

The cultural cooperation between Ivory Coast and Quebec has taken a new dimension thanks to the flagship project initiated by the Afromusée and the BJKD Foundation, called "Regards croisés Ivory Coast-Québec". This unique initiative brought together from February 28th to March 9th, 2024, four Quebecois artists and four Ivorian artists for an unprecedented artistic collaboration. After five days of intense creative residency, these talents brought to life a series of captivating artworks, currently exhibited at the BJKD Foundation until April 10th.

We express our deep gratitude to the participating artists for their passionate commitment to this project. Their hard work and creativity have enriched the artistic dialogue and truly transcended geographical and cultural boundaries.

The exhibition features a collection of 29 paintings as well as a mural, offering a visual exploration of the nuances and dynamics of contemporary society in both Quebec and Ivory Coast. More than just an exhibition, "Crossed Glances Ivory Coast-Québec" represents a bridge between two cultures, fostering a rich and stimulating intercultural dialogue.

By allowing artists from both nations to collaborate closely, this initiative goes far beyond mere artistic creation. It strengthens ties between peoples, encourages mutual understanding, and opens up new perspectives for win-win development.

We would also like to warmly thank Olga Djadji and the entire team at the BJKD Foundation for their valuable collaboration. Their hospitality and support were essential to the success of this major event.

The creative and caring environment created by the BJKD Foundation team allowed participating artists to fully express themselves and share their vision with the public. We are honored to have been welcomed so graciously and hope to have the opportunity to collaborate again in the near future and to host an Ivorian cultural delegation in Quebec.

Four Ivorian artists paid a vibrant tribute to Quebec:

Yapaud: Website Japhet: Facebook

Ouacabessay: Facebook Adjoua: Instagram

Four Quebecois artists proudly represented Quebec in Ivory Coast: Marven Clerveau: Instagram Maliciouz: Instagram Véro Leduc: Instagram Jean-Daniel Rohrer: Instagram

A look back at the highlights of this luminous event, made possible with the support of the Quebec Office in Abidjan and the support of the Conseil des Arts de Montréal, the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec, and the Les Offices Jeunesses Internationaux du Québec.

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