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Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Afromuseum is the common name of the 2017 African Canadian Museum non-profit organization founded by Guy Mushagalusa Chigoho. The museum was born from the experience of Espace Mushagalusa which is an art gallery and a cultural center dedicated to showcasing African collections and cultures.

This experience allowed us to make the following observation :

With regard to museum and heritage development initiatives, there is currently no place in Canada, more particularly in Quebec, which takes into account and makes known on an ongoing basis, the cultural and artistic practices and productions of Afro- descendants who reveal the historical links between Africa, America and the world.

This innovative project was enriched by new contributors who joined in order to push the experience and the dream even further by making this personal initiative a collective and community organization.

It is from this context that we came up with the idea of the Afromuseum, a living, accessible, mobile museum with multiple facets: a welcoming place, a venue for cultural activities and intercultural encounters, traveling exhibits and activities, a reference collection, and a cybermuseum that researches, informs, helps discover, gives voice to Afrodescendants and witnesses of Africanity in all its forms.

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