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Nomination of the new board of directors and the Afromuseum’s first Director-Gen

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

During its general assembly, Afromuseum’s members reassigned members of the previous board to different administrative posts. During this reshuffle, the member’s combined skills in museology, African and afrodescendant cultures, finance, marketing and accounting will enable us to put the new museum on a solid base.

It is a pleasure to announce the nomination to the presidency of Frantz Voltaire, an internationally recognized cultural and intellectual activist who has given many years to researching and highlighting the phenomenon of Africanness around the world, with a particular emphasis on the Caribbean, the Antilles and the two Americas. The board is also delighted to be able count on the presence of Zab Magoungou of the Danse NyataNyata company. She has long played a key role in publicly highlighting African cultures.

At the same meeting, the board elected Guy Mushagalusa Chigoho as the Afromuseum’s Chief Executive Office (CEO). Mr. Chigoho is the well-known coordinator of Espace Mushagalusa. The board took this opportunity to thank Mr. Chigoho for all he has done as both founder and first president of the museum. The board also declared its confidence that, in taking on this new, key role, he will pursue the development of this new cultural organization with his customary passion and dedication.

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