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Celebrating Our First Generous Donor

We are pleased to introduce Mr. Claude Gagnon, the first donor to the Afromuseum. We wish to extend our warmest thanks to him.

Firstly, a faithful friend of the Espace Mushagalusa, Claude has believed in the Afromuseum project since its inception. His generous donation of $25,000 has been a great source of motivation for all the volunteers working on this project. Claude did not only give money, he also gave his time and his network to the Afromuseum by getting involved in the Board of Directors as Treasurer.

Who is Claude Gagnon?

Claude is a humanist, a painter, a filmmaker but also a responsible manager who is very involved in his community. His motto is: " The length of life is uncertain but it is up to us to give it its width and depth."

A graduate in business administration and financial planning, he managed his own financial services firm for many years before entering the social economy. Founder and president of the Friends of La Fontaine Park, he has served on the boards of numerous NGOs active in the spheres of art and culture in Montreal. Claude Gagnon's life oscillates between administrative management and the advancement of artistic projects.

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