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My approach

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Live model and self portrait
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Religion, biologie, vieillesse

In 'Religion, Biologies, Vieillesse', I sought to depict a young Muslim woman in the beauty of her garments, while expressing discomfort on her face due to the lack of choice regarding her beliefs or non-beliefs, for reasons of historical truth.

A mature woman is at the center, posing to be painted but showing only her back, thus preserving her privacy in her nudity, under the gaze of an elderly blind man observing the one who observes the artwork. Although he cannot see anything, his facial expression is deceptive.

When my mother was pregnant with me, the doctor in charge of her had predicted that I would be born blind and had recommended that my mother terminate the pregnancy. However, my mother decided to keep me, and I see perfectly well. Towards the end of his life, my grandfather briefly lost his sight before partially regaining it through operations. This work is mainly conceived around complexity, a theme well explored by Edgar Morin in 'Introduction to Complex Thought,' which reflects well on the human condition.

We can see it today, with some countries engulfed in war under the eyes of the whole world, but despite this, most people continue to live indifferently, except those who directly experience these events. Death is inevitable for everyone. Therefore, one must create before falling, that is what I believe, and this thought is essential in my approach, as are the eyes and hands.

The paintings in this series were all created in the same way: sketches on paper in my notebooks, followed by a preparatory drawing in Chinese ink directly on the canvas. The faces of the painted characters, except for those of my daughters, are a blend of desired expressions and the faces of people who agreed to pose for me. I painted them in oil during 8-hour sessions, over 2 or 3 days.

Price: $7,000

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