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My approach

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In the painting 'Pépinière', I sought to deepen what I had begun with 'L'Atelier dans le Banco' in terms of technique. I reused the strings, but placed them more sporadically, resembling leaves on bushes to create an impression.

However, this time, I employed a limited color palette, using only three colors, my favorite number and one I find most balanced, for numerous reasons not discussed here.

My goal was to convey a sense of distance and blur to the figures visible in the painting. The scene depicts a primary school playground, Pépinière, where I attended part of my elementary school. I painted children playing marbles, young girls skipping rope in what I call the 'magic angle.' Others are running or playing on metal structures.

A child, further away, is injured on the head, lying in the beige sand turned blood-red around his head, a scene I witnessed there (in Côte d’Ivoire) when I was young. There is also a beautiful teacher seen from the back, walking.

Price: $4,000

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